Mon Trésor is an easily accessible coastal town of the South, whether by public or contract carriers, private vehicles or for service and goods delivery vehicles in transit. 

Within the overall enhancement of the road infrastructure connecting the modern town to the region and beyond by way of a modern network of local, regional and highway link roads, a direct route takes one in no time from Mon Trésor to SSR International airport. This offers significant ease of access to the international and regional aviation hub for both private needs and professional purposes.

From Mon Trésor retail and lifestyle gateway, the regional link roads is serviced by public transport to ensure connection to the town centre along its entrance vehicular boulevard. From the town entrance itself, connector streets spread out to the different precincts and residential connector streets and local streets take over - across an outspread and widespread beautifully landscaped network to ensure fluidity of vehicular movement to the residential areas and within.

Going to the town centre or to go across its diverse neighbourhoods, one would, preferably, chose the active transportation modes which Mon Trésor promotes to go on foot or cycling by way of the town’s “Complete Streets”, which integrate scenic walk-and-bike paths as a distinctive feature of Mon Trésor new urbanism approach. Active transportation is also possible through the green street of the central park or along the wide central and eastern pedestrian boulevards that lead on to the sea front promenade and beach - all of which green mobility transportation alternatives compose the health-friendly transportation network of Mon Trésor.

Mon Trésor multimodal and people-friendly transportation network guarantee that public, transit and private vehicular and non-vehicular movement is fluid, comfortable and enjoyable, allowing its residents to perform their daily activities both outside and inside town very easily.

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    Mon Trésor offers a wide range of services to both locals and foreigners.

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