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Mon Trésor has been designed as a series of neighbourhoods. The townscape combines order and diversity to shape the unique character of the smart coastal town. Defined heights of buildings, percentage of built-out area, relation to the street, choice of local materials… are some of the parameters which ensure the coherence of the whole and the identity of the parts for overall harmony. Specific sets of rules, regulations and guidelines monitor the development of the residential properties, commercial, public buildings and amenities as well as land plots. Each quartier has a distinct character relating to its own intrinsic qualities, creating identifiable areas and a sense of place.


Designed in accordance with best world practice, Mon Trésor landscape is an integral part of its urban design. A green conservation belt runs along a historical railway line. Due regards has been granted to variety of landscaping vegetation and man-made elements to create a naturally entertaining landscape: large open lawns provide space for recreational events; groves of trees provide shady retreat and meticulously designed and landscaped roads, streets, squares and parks create pleasure for those who live, work and play here as well as for visitors.

Mon Trésor hierarchy landscaping identifies open spaces, public areas and residential allotments, interconnecting all segments to establish the network of green arteries which constitute the cycling and pedestrian network. The centrally located major park simultaneously fulfills recreational and ecological functions, complemented by an intricate network of pocket parks and gardens spread across the town to function as play-relax amenity spaces for kids and adults. These interwoven green spaces also serve an ecological function as they set natural habitats which improve bio-diversity.

Mon Trésor landscaping creates much more than just green spaces. Based on a selection of plants that require less watering, are not care intensive and are composed, for 60%, of endemic species, the landscape abides by the town’s commitment to sustainable values, enhancing quality of air and water to support a healthy ecosystem for the benefit of all reigns of life - people, animal, plant, soil.

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