A sustainable coastal town

  • Sustainable Coastal Village

    Sustainable Coastal Village

  • Sustainable Coastal Village

A sustainable coastal town

Mon Trésor reconciles urban intelligence with nature; technological innovation and eco-responsibility. Bringing together values form and function, it is a sustainable and smart settlement intimately engaged with countryside and seaside; connected, healthy and safe.

The fully planned and comprehensive project integrates residential, public and natural allotments that are human in scale and lively. Centered on a Live-Work-Play approach, Mon Trésor is designed to enhance balance between private, professional and social needs.

Mon Trésor is committed to the development of cohesive infrastructure, the wise use of resources, the conservation of biological diversity and the preservation of historical and natural heritage. Green mobility is enhanced using cycling tracks and pedestrian boulevards, making optimal use of natural corridors. The walk-and-bike town limits fuel resource consumption, emissions and noise levels; promotes a healthy lifestyle whilst achieving a reduced print on the environment.

A certified commitment to sustainability

The commitment of Mon Trésor to being a sustainable coastal town, and the framework to its implementation, is monitored by BREEAM - the world’s leading design method and acknowledged international assessment code for a “Sustainable Built Environment”. This system ensures best practices across all stages and life cycles of buildings and infrastructure. It integrates, in a market-focused way, environmental, social and economic issues into the urban planning. Its ultimate objective is to promote holistic urbanism to enable people to stay in touch with all facets of themselves and be at their best in every aspect of life.

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    Mon Trésor offers a wide range of services to both locals and foreigners.

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