Streets & Infrastructure

Modern holistic infrastructure

Committed to sustainability, Mon Trésor depicts an integrated approach to infrastructure, setting a coherent framework that benefits its initial phase right away and is consistent with the Greater Mon Trésor to come. Human-friendly and eco-friendly infrastructures, amenities and properties; a walk-and-cycle active transportation network; the implementation of hierarchy landscaping and the conservation of natural heritage… Every element is a part of a refined interconnected system working in synergy to maximize whole-life value and long-term continuity for the human settlement and its environment.

A full spectrum of streets

Mon Trésor provides a full spectrum of roads and streets - from vehicular to pedestrian, to cater for public and private movement of goods and people. Working from existing natural corridors, an internal network of green infrastructure has been designed to merge smoothly with the man-made network. From the entrance, through the main activity areas to the beachfront, roads branch off from spacious boulevards, by greenways, parks and sidewalks, changing in character to the quieter residential streets.

The road infrastructure in the downtown centre has been designed following “Complete Streets” principles. These streets accommodate the free movement of vehicles with respect to public spaces, pedestrians and cyclists. Safe, inviting, providing a range of attractive choices for mobility, improving accessibility, Mon Trésor Complete Streets enhance provide a framework that encourages walking & cycling, promoting a healthy lifestyle, enhancing social interaction. Mon Trésor Complete Streets are scenic, living and lively enjoyable places that make people feel comfortable and connected; where they want to linger, meet friends and family, interact with other residents and visitors.

The residential properties allotment will be served by a network of residential connector streets and user-friendly residential local streets that disperse traffic to ease access and make streets safer around home, easier to cross and more pleasant to walk along.

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