Sports Complex

  • Complexe Sportif de Mon Trésor

    Mon Tresor Sports Complex

Mon Trésor Sports Complex is an integral element of community life in Mon Trésor as it flows from its healthy-town philosophy and deriving objective to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for its inhabitants. Located within walking or cycling distance from the residential area, Mon Trésor Sports Complex is easily accessible to all and it offers a convivial place to keep in good shape and enjoy leisure activities too.

Mon Trésor Sports Complex offers up-to-date, fully serviced and maintained infrastructures, facilities and equipment mean to encourage and develop the regular practice of outdoor sports and indoor workouts. The complex comprises a spacious gym, a swimming pool; volleyball and tennis grounds. A wellness section is also planned - it will provide treatment rooms for sports, energizing or relaxing massages.

The Sports Complex will also be, in due time, an essential contributor to the implementation of the active senior citizens concept that is fundamental to the Mon Trésor Retirement Village development.

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