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​Mon Trésor Downtown Centre offers mixed-used commercial facilities. The downtown architecture, inspired by tradition, revisited with a contemporary approach, creates an authentic architectural composition with a distinctive identity that beautifully blends in with the historical setting of Mon Trésor.

Comprising, in a cohesive and ingeniously structured area, a diversity of boutiques; convenience and specialty shops as well as stylish food and beverage venues, Mon Trésor downtown centre makes up an attractive setting and weaves a lively convivial ambience. Residents and visitors love to converge here with family, friends to share a good time and shop around in a leisurely manner.

The large 26-metre dual carriage that serves Mon Trésor downtown centre from its gateway constitutes the coastal town’s main vehicular boulevard. Branching out through a hierarchy of connector roads, residential local roads, as well as Mon Trésor green mobility network, the downtown centre and residential periphery blend in smoothly in a subtle manner that makes it all natural and only a pleasant walk or a few wheel turns away from home.

Mon Trésor Downtown Boulevard includes 6-metre wide vehicular roads, going fluidly up and down on each side; adequate off-road parking for private vehicles or people carriers, and a 2-metre wide walkway for pedestrians running along the shop frontage and onto the fully pedestrian boulevard that leads down to the beach.

Dedicated road access to the commercial outlets, through rear access alleyways reserved for commercial delivery vehicles, efficiently diverts and disperses traffic from the main boulevard onto covered rear yards for unloading, thereby keeping the public areas accessible, comfortable and pleasant at all times for the utmost enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Mon Trésor also includes at its external gateway retail and lifestyle centre covering a full spectrum of bigger stores as well as popular food & beverage outlets brimming with activity and enhancing interactivity with the regional neighbourhood.

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    Mon Trésor offers a wide range of services to both locals and foreigners.

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