A safe coastal town

Mon Trésor promotes wellbeing is its every aspect. Enhancing community safety counts among its core objectives. With regards to persons, infrastructure, transportation modes, road users or health - safety is inherent to Mon Trésor.

Safety in Mon Trésor is the result of the positive cascading effect that directly derives from its new urban design approach. With diverse neighbourhoods seamlessly connected in a cohesive layout that remains human in scale; with the aesthetic values expressed all over the place; the cleanliness and maintenance of public infrastructures, Mon Trésor right away puts off ill-intentioned intruders.

With inclusive facilities so close to home, Mon Trésor encourages its residents to stay in town. Social interaction develops naturally and people get to know one another making Mon Trésor a “town of familiar faces”.

With its scenic greens and sea blues and its active mobility network, Mon Trésor ensures a healthier environment and lifestyle and it is safer with regards to health.

With more people going about on foot or cycling; a detailed street network that decreases traffic density, particularly in the residential areas - automobile movement and speed are reduced: road safety is considerably improved.

When the home town is so enjoyable and feels so safe in itself, more people linger outside by day or night; fear fades, tension, defensiveness and aggressiveness go down - ambience and mood are easy-going and relaxed. This enhances that deep sense of connectedness which breeds mutual respect and civic bonds. Mon Trésor inhabitants share in a real sense of ownership and belonging and they express it though the genuine care and concern they feel for one another.

As studies point out, the principles of new urbanism, such as applied in Mon Trésor, constitute per se an integrated inhibitor to delinquency and crime. In fact it is everything that goes into the making of Mon Trésor that makes it a safe place to live. And this is what makes its residents feel comfortable, safe and secure at home and outside; and its visitors feel at ease.

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