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    Pont Naturel the south

Eastwards from Gris Gris cliff and beach, the high rocky southern coastline – so unusual in Mauritius - goes on along the ocean and is punctuated by a series of fascinating natural attractions.

Le Pont Naturel or natural bridge is, as its name indicates, an arch-like formation crafted by the combined erosive power of the sea and weathering over thousands of years right through a black lava ridge projecting from the mainland, allowing the sea to flow beneath. Gris Gris natural bridge forms a long and narrow rocky causeway protruding into the sea and over it. Walking across this piece of nature’s own infrastructural works in these wild surroundings is exhilarating for sure. But this is not advisable when the sea gets really rough and the waves rush up to the passageway and sweep over it.

La Roche qui Pleure – the weeping rock, is another fascinating headland nearby. When the waves roll on long and unbroken, fully 25 feet high till meeting the headland, they break clear over it and, retreating, leave the whole rocky mass dripping with “salty tears”.

Le Souffleur – the blower, lies further east along the same coastline. It is a mass of black lava rock joined to the sea by a neck from the mainland. The constant beating of the tremendous swell that rolls in has undermined it, forcing passageways vertically upwards, polishing these over time into smooth cylinders. When a heavy swell rolls in, it fills the cylinders from underneath in an instant and surges up the natural chimneys, roaring to a height. As the water recedes, it creates a vacuum that brings in the wind into the aperture with a loud humming noise.

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