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    Pointe D'esny

Of the many kite surf spots to be found along the eastern half of Mauritius, Pointe d’Esny is the southernmost and somewhat a well-guarded secret. It is situated midway between Mahébourg fishing village and Blue Bay and is accessed from the main road through an almost unnoticeable path. Lying at the southern tip of the widest lagoon of the island, the spot offers a spacious play field bordered all along by a wide white sand beach. The water is particularly clear, making sessions invariably memorable – either gliding over magnificent coral formations or enjoying the fantastic experience of surfing above a shipwreck. 

This fantastic quiet spot enjoys a south or south-east on wind, making it easy to navigate side-shore alongside the beach whilst enjoying the amazing vastness that still lies within the protection of the coral reefs. In any case, with any wind from North-North-East through to South-South-East, the spot works well. Especially during the mild Mauritian winter months – between June to October, when the South-East Trade Wind is at its optimum, Point d’Esny is a 10/10 kite surf experience rendezvous and a real treat for aficionados as the wind is consistent day and night, under bright sunny blue or full moonlit star-studded skies.

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