Pedestrian Boulevard

Committed to sustainability and holistic quality of life, Mon Trésor ensures its citizens with a choice of green mobility infrastructures as the concrete expression of its healthy town concept.

A fifteen-metre wide southbound pedestrian boulevard connects the town centre to the beach promenade. Planted with an avenue of large trees, it creates a unique sense of place. A secondary pedestrian road runs parallel to it, within the eastbound segment of the residential allotment.

Pedestrian paths are also integrated to the Complete Streets that run throughout the town centre and the residential connector streets and preserved natural corridors complete the town’s active transportation infrastructure, making walking an integral and enjoyable part of its residents’ daily lifestyle.

From the central park a network of pathways merge into the wider green realm and the immediate urban fabric. These safe pedestrian connectors encourage people to interact with their urban and natural surroundings, hang out beyond home and work, thus facilitating wellbeing and health and the creation of real social networking, affiliations and ultimately create a benevolent urban place generating fulfilling human interactions.

Mon Trésor Complete Streets include pedestrian paths alongside cycling tracks to accommodate the free and safe movement of pedestrian, with respect to automobile movement thereby providing a safe choice for active mobility whilst improving accessibility.

Within the residential properties the network of connector streets and user-friendly local streets disperse traffic to make streets safer for pedestrians around home, easier to cross and more pleasant to walk along.

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