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Occupation & Residence Permits

Mauritius is a safe hospitable island with a smooth-paced life. It is the ideal location to achieve optimal balance between work, family and leisure and reach a holistic stance between mind, body and spirit. In Mauritius, there is time for business, time for human relationships and time to embrace the joy and sweetness of living that prevails.

Eligibility and Validity

The acquisition, by a foreigner, of a property exceeding a price of USD 500 000 under a Smart City Scheme, entitles the owner to a Mauritian Residency Permit for himself and family. Owners can rent or resell the property.

The residency permit is valid only as long as ownership. In case of sale, it is transferred to the new owner. Exceptions are retired owners - who can obtain permanent residency rights, subject to specific terms.

Work Permit

Any holder of a Mauritian Residency Permit under the Smart City Scheme is entitled to apply for a work permit and engage in professional activities in Mauritius. Formalities have been streamlined for rapid delivery, provided regulatory and documentary requirements are effectively met by applicants.

Scope of Residency Rights

Under the Smart City Scheme, the spouse of the property owner and children below 24 years are eligible to the Mauritian Residency Permit. For unmarried partners, only the owner partner obtains residency rights - the other partner is entitled to a residency permit renewable on a yearly basis.

Obtaining a Mauritian Residency Permit does not automatically entitle to a work permit, the right to acquire any other real estate property in Mauritius or obtain Mauritian Citizenship.

Foreign investors who have invested above USD 5 Million in Mauritius and have had Mauritian residency rights for 2 years can apply for Mauritian citizenship, which would then entitle them to acquire property in Mauritius.