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Interwoven with a luxuriant countryside, opening out to an unspoilt sea frontage, Mon Trésor Smart City offers the exclusivity of a vibrant beachside that is accessible from all of its precincts and directly from the gateway through its downtown centre vehicular boulevard and from there through its amazing pedestrian boulevard.

Mon Trésor has a long-standing connection with the sea and the new coastal town’s sea frontage will be open to residents and visitors through cautiously developed beach facilities that will offer maximum engagement with the splendid beach for its residents and visitors whilst implementing a sustainable development approach to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Starting with basic facilities to enhance personal comfort, in the form of lounge chairs and kiosks to offer shade and protection from the sun, the complete development of Mon Trésor beach facilities plans a full-fledged beach house. It will comprise1 adult swimming pool, 1 children’s pool adjoining the kids club; a terrace bar and a restaurant with buffet area and a terrace area. The overall concept will set a rustic beach décor, an authentic atmosphere breathing with simplicity and a friendly and lively ambience. 

Ulterior phases of Mon Trésor sea front development will integrate, in due time, an extended promenade all along the property’s coastline, connecting it with adjacent beach spots and resorts; an array of sea sports and nautical activities for all ages and profiles and a full-fledged boat landing station. 

This is the place to make a sea lover of anyone; the place where one is irresistibly drawn to immerse oneself into the unique sense of the infinite that the sea, as nothing else, conjures up, leaving everyone who comes close in awe.

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