La Cambuse Beach

  • la cambuse beach mon tresor

    La Cambuse Beach

  • La Cambuse Beach Mon tresor

La Cambuse is a beautiful public beach nestled by a small unspoilt cove adjacent to Mon Trésor coastal town property. Major ongoing improvements to its man-made features mean to enhance the experience of the place. These include a modern parking lot, camping space and resting seats, sanitary amenities and several kiosks.

La Cambuse beach presents spacious grassy areas sheltered by casuarinas trees, and more open spaces closer to the beach - both ideal for a laid-back moment by oneself or comfortable and enjoyable group picnics. La Cambuse cove offers a large white sandy beach and its pristine lagoon presents fascinating hues and welcomes nice refreshing waves produced by the breakers coming over the coral reef not far off. To the right end of the beach, there is a small tranquil cove, protected at its extremity by a natural border of black basalt that makes it ideal for kids to swim and play. To the left, the sandy coastline stretches on to Le Chaland beach along paths that run parallel to the wide expanse of sand and sea - just great for a leisurely relaxing stroll amidst gorgeous and tranquil scenery.

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