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The Greater Mon Trésor Master Plan already provides for the development, in time, of an Education Compendium to cater for the needs of its inhabitants and extend its educational facilities to the region too. The objectives are to provide a beautiful natural backdrop to the installation of state-of-the art education infrastructure; to offer quality teaching and learning equipment, a curriculum and extra-curricular activities of international level, applying modern pedagogical approaches – all for the holistic wellbeing of learners and conducive to the realisation of their full potential as tomorrow’s citizens.

Mon Trésor Education Compendium will be comprehensive, cohesive and, most importantly, it will provide to the families of Mon Trésor a place of learning close to home to enhance the quality of life of its younger generation and their parents.

Planned to cater to the needs of all ages, the priority phase will be to provide a day care centre and kindergarten to the youngest. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions as well as vocational and professional training will be progressively integrated.

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