Cycling Tracks

  • Mon Tresor Cycling Tracks

Mon Trésor healthy town proposition is strengthened with cycling as an active transportation option and an integral part of the daily life of its residents.

Committed to sustainability and quality of life, Mon Trésor includes green mobility infrastructures, with cycling tracks either integrated to the Complete Streets network that spreads across the town centre and the residential connector streets or run along the preserved natural corridors that are part of the internal network of green infrastructure, merging smoothly with the man-made network.

Mon Trésor Complete Streets include dedicated cycling tracks to accommodate the free movement of cyclists, with respect to automobile space and pedestrian pathways thereby providing a range of safe choices for mobility whilst improving accessibility.

Having a framework that encourages safe walking & cycling not only promotes a healthy lifestyle – it also enhances social interaction. Mon Trésor cycling tracks are scenic and lively places that make people feel comfortable and provide them with enjoyable opportunities to connect with other residents and visitors.

Within the residential properties, the network of connector streets and user-friendly local streets make traffic flow lighter and safer.

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