Christiane Vallet Forest

Mon Trésor stands on time-honoured grounds. The new coastal town offers its residents and visitors the rich historical and cultural heritage of Mon Trésor and its infinitely precious natural wealth, among which the treasured Christiane Vallet Forest and its and wonderful density of royal palms.

The botanical name of that impressive 30-metre graceful palm tree is Roystonearegia. Mon Trésor original specimens were planted back in time as ornamental trees. They have multiplied through the natural dispersion of seeds, mingling the canopy of leaves that compose their distinctive bulging crown shafts and smooth grey trunks, showing rows of previous generations of leaves, with the other centuries-old indigenous trees to compose today’s mixed tropical forest.

The royal palms of Christian Vallet Forest hold an important function in the health of Mon Trésor eco-system. They serve as feeding and roosting sites for birds and bats, who appreciate their pinkish-white flowers and ripe purple fruits. In return, they help to pollinate its flowers. They are also a welcoming host to butterflies in their larval stage and an essential supply source of nectar for pollen-collecting bees. In addition, scientific research points out to their capacity at fixing nitrogen and producing an important plant hormone in their root nodules. The royal palms of Christian Vallet Forest are indeed magnificent and magnanimous plants.

Together with the other trees of the forest, they constitute a privileged connection with the bio-diversity of Mon Trésor whilst offering natural and pleasant walk and bike paths.

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