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  • Central park

In Mon Trésor, major and minor green open spaces are easily accessible and greenery is always visible from wherever one is. Designed in accordance with best world practice, Mon Trésor Central Park is an integral part of its sustainable and eco-friendly urban design. Everyone can walk from home to the central park within minutes. It offers an entertaining and beautiful natural landscape that merges beautifully with man-made elements. Here, one can sit on a bench to take a true breath of fresh air, refresh and replenish; enjoy a safe play space for children close to home and where they can immerse in an all-natural and healthy atmosphere. All Mon Trésor parks are easily accessible by way of the town’s interconnected cycling and pedestrian network which constitute its network of green arteries.

Mon Trésor Central Park not only provides a play-and-relax amenity space for kids and adults – it also serves ecological functions in line with the town’s fundamental values. It is, as such, much more than just a conventional green space – Mon Trésor Central Park enhances quality of air and water to sustain a healthy ecosystem, improve bio-diversity and the overall wellbeing of its residents and visitors.

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