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Turning work into a fulfilling area of life

Doing business and working in Mon Trésor does not only mean enjoying a highly professional environment focusing on operational excellence; it brings with it that connectedness with the other poles of one’s life that is essential to make work a fulfilling area of life.

An employment-generating business gateway

In line with the Greater Mon Trésor master plan and consistent with the new urbanism concept of Live-Work-Play, one of the coastal town’s strategic neighbourhoods is an employment-generating 55-hectare business compendium with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Mon Trésor Business Gateway includes a Business Park, an Office Park, including a world-class 24 hectares Logistics & Freeport Zone for efficient and cost-efficient supply chain strategies - turning Mon Trésor into the thriving business destinationit is set to be for local and international companies.

Located to the east of the town, with direct access to a highway connector Mon Trésor Business Gateway remains close to and connected with the urban development. Although accessible by motorized transportation, its parallel location to Mon Trésor town centre and residential precinct keeps it within walking or cycling distance from the town, offering the dream-opportunity of enjoying a workplace that is so conveniently close to the place of living.

Airport-related business

Airport-related business and transits are the seminal elements of Mon Trésor business-oriented compendium as it lies at the doorstep of SSR International airport, the airport’s cargo logistics and Freeport zones, and close to the business-oriented Holiday Inn hotel. Mon Trésor business gateway will offer A-Grade four-star infrastructure to connect businesses, firms and their respective professionals efficiently to international trade and partners. Phase 1 construction is already well under way and offices will be ready by June 2018. In coherence with the aesthetic values driving Mon Trésor overall real estate development, an underground parking basement will be provided beneath the buildings liberating space at ground level for a piazza that will link all buildings.

Mon Trésor Business Gateway is the ideal location for local and international companies who wish to enhance or harness business opportunities in the manufacturing and trade of light, high-value and time-sensitive products. Its closeness to the airport provides convenience for collecting, storage, break-bulk, packing, processing and forwarding of goods.

Mon Trésor business compendium will be developed by:

OMNICANE – MOMENTUM (Africa Real Estate Fund) – ERIS (Property Group)


Land for third-party developers


The Smart City Regulations provide for serviced plots to be either sold or brought in by the Smart City Company as equity into a development vehicle. These projects could be of varying sort: Commercial, Industrial or residential. Specific parcels have been identified within our larger masterplan for that purpose and 3rd party developers’ interest is welcome. Developers’ project intents will have to align to the overall and specific architectural guidelines.

For more information:

Emilie Oliver
Business Development Manager
Tel (230) 212 32 51

Kevin Gnany
Account Manager – Commercial Property
Tel (230) 5250 49 40

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