Blue Bay Marine Park

  • Blue Bay rocky pier

Blue Bay Marine Park was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015. It welcomes more than a hundred thousand visitors every year.

The Park covers an area of 353 hectares. It is acknowledged for an exceptional submarine scape and its unique coral garden. Blue Bay Marine Park harbours a rich marine ecosystem of rare beauty, with diverse communities of flora and fauna. It counts no less than 108 coral species, 201 species of molluscs, 38 species of echinoderms, 30 species of algae and 233 fish species.

Proclaimed a marine park in year 2000, blue bay and its neighbouring wetlands have been integrated into a wider conservation area in 2008 with the view to providing protection to the species and ecological diversity that both sustain.

Managed according to a sustainable conservation approach, the marine park itself is organised into specific zones to provide critical protection whilst still allowing recreational and educational activities that can sustain economic activity and employment creation without upsetting the ecosystem. This is ensured through a permit system and a fee structure. This responsible monitoring therefore allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place snorkeling, diving and water-skiing or by way of pleasure crafts and glass-bottom boats.

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