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Mon Trésor is a smart, sustainable coastal town spanning today’s and tomorrow’s aspirations. Its exclusive edge is a splendid seafront. Blending in seamlessly with nature, the modern town offers, in its initial phase, residential properties, parks, a cycling and pedestrian network; a commercial centre, sports complex; beach house and business park. Medical and education facilities and senior citizen housing will follow. Reconciling eco-responsibility and contemporary urbanism, Mon Trésor promises an easy-going, lively and fulfilling lifestyle.


A sustainable,
smart coastal town

We wanted to reconcile urban intelligence and nature; technological innovation and eco-responsibility.

Bringing together values, form and function, we are implanting a sustainable and smart town intimately engaged with countryside and seaside; accessible, connected; healthy and safe: Mon Trésor.

Centered on a holistic approach, comprehensive and cohesive, Mon Trésor integrates a diversity of neighbourhoods that are human in scale and lively and enhances balance between private, professional and social needs.

Set amidst nature, open onto the sea, this cyclable and walkable coastal town promises an easy-going life fostering genuine human interactions.



Committed to sustainability, Mon Trésor depicts an integrated approach to infrastructure, setting a coherent framework that benefits its initial phase right away and is consistent with the Greater Mon Trésor to come.

Human-friendly and eco-friendly infrastructures, amenities and properties; a walk-and-cycle active transportation network; the implementation of hierarchy landscaping and the conservation of natural heritage… Every element is a part of a refined interconnected system working in synergy to maximize whole-life value and long-term continuity for the human settlement and its environment.

Life in
Mon Trésor

Based on a holistic approach, Mon Trésor is designed to enhance the balance between private, professional and social life. With everything near at hand for an easy-going life; seamlessly connected to nature and the sea, Mon Trésor invites its residents to reconnect with a lively and fulfilling lifestyle.


Mon Trésor properties offer a choice of townhouses, apartments, penthouses and villas as well as land lots. The residential development comes complete with commercial centre, sports complex and beach facilities; parks, vehicular streets, cycling paths and pedestrian boulevards.

The architectural design of the properties depicts a modern Mauritian identity. Great care has been taken to preserve the cultural and natural heritage present on the residential sites, such as ancient lava stone walls and old trees. The mix of clean lines, and traditional slanted roofs, the use of local materials and an open layout that blurs the limits between indoor and outdoor is typical of the coastal lifestyle.

Mon Trésor properties can be acquired by Mauritians and foreigners.

The Omnicane Group

Omnicane, born of the centuries-old Mauritian sugar industry, is now a leading modern group. A public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, its primary activities comprise sugarcane cultivation; production of refined sugar, bio-ethanol, thermal energy, and electricity.

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There’s no other way around it: we all need to bring our contribution to a greener planet.

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