A sustainable and vibrant city - integrating current needs and aspirations, spanning future requirements and expectations.

Mon Trésor harmoniously blends cosmopolitan urban living and natural setting, legacy and modern amenities, privacy as well as vibrancy.  This forward-thinking city incorporates business parks, offices and commercial spaces as well as residential precincts and leisure facilities.

Sprawling alongside preserved natural heritage lands, the modernday conurbation includes expansive green spaces, inbuilt cycle paths and community gardens. Its ultimate edge is a seafront stretch of natural beauty, facing the spectacular ocean rolling over into lagoons to pristine beaches.

Bringing together workplace and living space into a prosperous community, Mon Trésor sets a lifestyle that is stimulating, uplifting and fulfilling across the walks and along the paths of life.


Mon Trésor - Redefining tomorrow's living

Jacques D'Unienville (OMNICANE CEO)


It is my privilege and pleasure to share with you our vision pertaining this one of its kind , multifaceted development : Mon Tresor.

Set on the southernmost coastal plain of Mauritius the property is located in the strategic zone around SSR International Airport ensuring direct access and connectivity extending between countryside and seaside.

Mon Trésor boasts a scenic natural decor and a smooth landscape punctuated by lush greenery, gently rolling to a pristine coastline.

Our vision humbly yet resolutely focuses and aims at establishing a modern sustainable community with a balanced mix of employment-generating business activity.

Over and above world class master planning, urban design ensuring accessibility and connectivity, Mon Trésor's 'philosophy is geared toward outreaching & reintegrating harmony.

Joel Bruneau (Head Of Property Development)


Mon Trésor will holistically integrate all lifestyle components inter-alia place of work, place of stay and place of leisure. In line with the spirit and reflecting its history and culture, our proposed development is set to become a modern sustainable community with a balanced mix of employment-generating business activity and an extensive residential offer materialized into a new lifestyle urban fabric.


Welcome to the world of Mon Trésor !



Situated in the ‘golden triangle’ connecting Asia, Africa and Australia, acknowledged on the international real estate market as a land of valuable opportunities, Mauritius is a place of convergence for secure investments, sound business and serene living. It is the ideal location to establish an optimal balance between work, family and leisure, and craft a holistic stance between mind, body and spirit. Because in Mauritius, there is time for business, time for human relationships and time to appreciate the joy of living that pervades the country and its people.





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Mon Trésor's commitment to being a sustainable city is driven by the vision of Omnicane, the property developer. The framework to its implementation is monitored by BREEAM communities, the world's leading design method and international assessment code for a "Sustainable Built Environment".

Mon Trésor efficiently intertwines green surroundings, urban intelligence and technological innovation. Its urban design meets the will of increasing numbers to bear a lesser impact on ecology and ensure better living to next generations. It also translates today’s desire for a positive alternative to the current everyday run-and-rush lifestyle.

Here, people can prosper together in their uplifting ‘‘walkable and cyclable hometown’’. It is a living place defined and designed to foster eco-responsibility, nurture respectful human interactions, enhance holistic well-being and restore a fulfilling lifestyle.

Or you could just call it a place where to simply reconnect with the sweetness and joy of living. Above all, isn’t happiness just what we are all simply searching for?


Mon Trésor is set on the southernmost coastal plain of Mauritius. The property is located in the strategic zone around SSR International Airport. The land earmarked for development occupies a wide expanse extending between countryside and seaside against a backdrop of undulating sugar cane fields. Mon Trésor boasts a scenic natural decor and a smooth landscape punctuated by lush greenery, gently rolling to a pristine coastline. The sea frontage is composed of sandy beaches and coves facing the alluring nuances of a lively lagoon swept and refreshed by the ocean surf.The natural heritage site of Mare aux Songes, which contains fossils of the extinct Dodo and its ecosystem is also art of the natural features of Mon Tresor.


Mon Trésor will be a vibrant and connected city bringing together urban intelligence and technological innovation in a cadre where environment and nature will have a prominent place. Green spaces, community gardens as well as cycle paths will be part of this integrated city where people work together to build an harmonious lifestyle that meets their quest for wellbeing.



The conveniently close location of Mon Trésor to SSR International airport, its cargo logistics and Freeport zone, makes airport-related business the seminal element of Mon Trésor Business Gateway. It provides strategic real-estate development opportunities coupled with state-of-the art infrastructure to businesses and firms wishing to connect efficiently to international trade and partners.



  • Situated at the doorstep of the airport, the Business Gateway offers real estate development opportunities with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It will connect businesses and firms efficiently to international trade and partners.
  • Mon Trésor is set to become a comprehensive community featuring a wide range of well-maintained and secure residential precincts.
  • In tomorrow’s city of Mon Trésor, reconnecting with life is easy.


Mon Trésor real estate development is an initiative of Omnicane with the collaboration of the European Investment Bank, urban planners and architects of international repute, in consultation with Government authorities.

Omnicane, born of Mauritius’ centuries-old sugar industry, was incorporated in 1926.

Today, it is a public company officially listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and stands as one of the leaders of the modern Mauritian sugarcane industry. The primary activities of Omnicane consist in the cultivation of sugarcane and the production of refined sugar, bioethanol, thermal energy, and electricity.



Mon Trésor an Omnicane Projet : Joel Bruneau - Head of Property Development Emilie Oliver - Property Sales & Marketing Manager Tel (230) 2123251